Who are we?

We are a Colombian tourism company specialising in birdwatching tours. All of our products are carefully designed to provide our customers with unique and unforgettable experiences that are ecologically sustainable and have a low environmental impact.

our Founders

Avistando Aves Andinas is an independent company founded by Nestor Jaime Sanabria and Ivan Aguilera Roberto. We are a team of passionate birders with a deep interest in the natural environment. Nestor and Ivan have years of experience designing and running tours at a local and national level. 

Nestor is an environmental interpreter and Salento native. He grew up in the countryside at an altitude of 3200 metres above sea level which contributed to his passion for nature and conservation. Nestor has received training from Audubon as a guide and a ‘trainer of trainers’ in conservation and birdwatching tourism in the central Andes. He is the director of the Foundation for Conservation of Ecosystems and has been recognised by Salento’s local government for his contribution to the conservation of Colombia’s national tree, the wax palm. Apart from knowing all the hidden corners of Salento, Nestor has travelled to many places around Colombia learning about the biodiversity found here. 

Ivan is an experienced tour guide with a professional certification and specialisation in birdwatching tourism from the SENA. He’s originally from Villa de Leyva, Boyacá but has been designing, coordinating and guiding tours around the whole of Colombia for several years. His strongest regions are the Eastern and Central Andes, particularly Cundinamarca, Boyacá and Quindío. Playing the cello has been another important part of his life, and his love for music has translated to a greater interest in birdsong. 


At Avisando Aves Andinas we believe that eco-tourism based on birdwatching can be a sustainable industry for both the environment and the community. 

We work to reduce the environmental impact of every one of our tours and in every part of our business.

In addition to reducing our impact on the environment, we also work in partnership with the Fundación para la Conservación de Ecosistemas (Foundation for Ecosystem Conservation), a local non-profit organisation, offsetting our carbon emissions with tree planting and other projects to protect and restore our local natural environment.

Avistando Aves Andinas is also committed to a positive community impact. We want to be a sustainable business, so we invest in our guides and in the community as a whole.