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We have years of experience and local knowledge. Discover new places and species with confidence.


We always use high quality equipment including Vortex binoculars. 

We believe in tourism that is sustainable for the community and the environment. 

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The endemic birdwatching tour with Nestor was the highlight of our trip to Colombia. Nestor is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also an engaging guide. This was our first birdwatching tour, and we were enthralled. We ended up booking a second tour with him the next day. Over the two days, we spotted 60+ different species of birds. Nestor was great company and made our trip so memorable. He ended up connecting us with other amazing guides that enriched our time as well. Without a doubt, this is the top activity to do in Salento!
It was an excellent tour, definitely one of the best moments of our travel in Salento 🙂 Ivan provided everything we needed. He is an expert, great at spotting lots of birds and explaining their characteristics nicely Listening to the birds singing, watching various endemic birds with binoculars (which is very exciting) , walking in the nature reserve in a relaxed way... I really enjoyed all the moments of tour️ I would recommend this to everyone who loves the nature Thank you very much, see you again!
It was a breathtaking experience! Nestor and Jorge are very approachable and warm. They have in-depth knowledge of the characteristics and behaviors of the regional bird species and enjoy sharing this with their guests. At the end of the tour we visited a coffee plantation. Here we learned everything about the traditional production of coffee in a very small, private group. All in all a wonderful day - definitely recommended!
Ivan took me on a private excursion, and it was hands down fantastic. He knows every single bird by name (in English) and recognizes 99% of the sounds as well, which is really helpful. Based on what I wanted to see, he took me to nice places. He will also keep track of the species and send you the list in the end. We saw 70 species in around 5 hours! The binoculars you get are great and breakfast, snacks, and a coffee were also included. Would definitely recommend!
Dos personas pajareando en el campo
Turistas en frente de la cascada de Santa Rita
Great experience! We saw many beautiful birds on this trip and Néstor is very experienced and knows everything about birds in the Andes. He deeply loves this forest and dedicates a lot of his time and emotion to nature, which I admire very much. Full score recommendation!
Highly Recommended Tour Company - Ivan created a fantastic birding experience for us. His knowledge of native species of both birds and plants alike made our morning outing with him unmatched by other tours... Thanks for am amazing trip!!
Fantastic endemic bird tour with amazing guides in a stunning location - Nestor and Ivan (our guides) were both friendly and professional, easy to get along with and knowledgeable about the local ecosystem...
Magnificent tour - This was the most beautiful and amazing experience, birdwatching experience here is so worth it, you can find a diversity of bird life and stunning views, other animals that I have never seen in their habitat...excellent service, knowledge and fun of the guide...

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