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Dos personas pajareando en el campo
Highly Recommended Tour Company - Ivan created a fantastic birding experience for us. His knowledge of native species of both birds and plants alike made our morning outing with him unmatched by other tours. The fact that he also speaks English helped us gain a greater understanding of our surrounding environment. He worked hard to provide a unique experience for us and helped us located the very shy Andean Solitaire. This tour is made even better knowing that he also does research on endangered species of birds and map ranges. It's so nice to know that our tourist dollars help support research and preservation. Thanks for am amazing trip!!
Incredible experience - I have been living outside of Colombia for many years and having Nestor as a guide made me reconnect with our history, fauna and flora. An unforgettable experience and full of much learning! We visited 'La Carbonera' and Las Cascadas de Santa Rita, two 100% recommended experiences!
Turistas en frente de la cascada de Santa Rita
Tourist y guía parado en frente de la vista de palmas
Magnificent tour - This was the most beautiful and amazing experience, birdwatching experience here is so worth it, you can find a diversity of bird life and stunning views, other animals that I have never seen in their habitat. The beautiful mountains and one of the best parts of the tour, was the excellent service, knowledge and fun of the guide, if you go with Nestor, you will have a qualify one to help you to identify species and places.
Fantastic endemic bird tour with amazing guides in a stunning location - Nestor and Ivan (our guides) were both friendly and professional, easy to get along with and knowledgeable about the local ecosystem. We were two people on this tour, me, a novice birder, and my friend, who has eleven years of experience working in the field: they managed to make the tour both accessible to me and interesting to my friend. We saw some crazy birds and planted some wax palm trees as a little act of environmental contribution.
Turistas y guia pajareando
Happy birdwatcher crossing a river
I had an excellent experience with Avistando Aves Andinas visiting new places around Salento to see and hear the different bird species in this region. I saw a lot of new species including Cauca Guan and Andean Cock of the Rock. They also took me to a great spot where I was able to see and photograph the Torrent Duck which was one of my target species for this trip.

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