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Fantastic Tour - highly recommended: We had a wonderful experience! Ivan was a great guide - very friendly, astute at finding birds and making sure everyone in our group got to see them, and had fantastic English. Our group was a mix of folks who have lived in Colombia for a long time and those for whom this was a first trip, and we all thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Beautiful, relaxing setting and a great variety of birds!
One of my favorite experiences on our trip to the coffee region! We had a wonderful morning in Santa Rita with John, who helped two beginners see nearly 80 species. He knew the answer to every question I could think of, about the specific species as well as the ecology of the area — and lots more I would have never thought to ask about! He was also great company for a half-day excursion. The hike itself was also enjoyable and we took a quick dip in the waterfall. The team that puts together this tour is very active in conservation efforts and their enthusiasm is infectious. Highly recommended!
I had an incredible experience Birdwatching with Ivan from Andean Tours this morning whilst Salento was mostly still in bed. Not only incredible for the 5.6 richter Earthquake that shuck us on the Salento Bridge (?!) but for the 53 different species of birds we managed to see thanks to Ivan’s wonderful expertise. Highlights ranged from the colourful Toucanet, Rose Breasted Grosbeak and the Andean Motmot to the more muted house wren. Ivan was great company too. Highly recommend this.
It was a great way to end our trip in Salento! Ivan is very knowledgeable and accommodating. We were able to do the tour for 3 hours since we had a flight to catch later. The highlight was seeing a toucanet! Will definitely come back for more birding!
MUST DO in Salento! Well organized tour with exceptional knowledge of the tour guide. We spotted more birds than expected.
The endemic birdwatching tour with Nestor was the highlight of our trip to Colombia. Nestor is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also an engaging guide. This was our first birdwatching tour, and we were enthralled. We ended up booking a second tour with him the next day. Over the two days, we spotted 60+ different species of birds. Nestor was great company and made our trip so memorable. He ended up connecting us with other amazing guides that enriched our time as well. Without a doubt, this is the top activity to do in Salento!
We spent a lovely early morning with Nestor in Reserva Cascada Santa Rita. Nestor not only delivered a very specific bird watching request but also shared with us very interesting information about the palm trees, Salento and other areas of Colombia. Nestor is such an inspirational person with many initiatives to support the community and the endemic environment.
Truly fantastic birding tour - Ivan took me on a private excursion, and it was hands down fantastic. He knows every single bird by name (in English) and recognizes 99% of the sounds as well, which is really helpful. Based on what I wanted to see, he took me to nice places. He will also keep track of the species and send you the list in the end. We saw 70 species in around 5 hours! The binoculars you get are great and breakfast, snacks, and a coffee were also included. Would definitely recommend!
The best birdwatching guides - I sent Ivan a list of specialty birds, and he put together and excellent package to look for the birds. Ivan and Nestor were very knowledgeable, and I will be calling them again to find more birds from my list. Highly recommended
It was an excellent tour, definitely one of the best moments of our travel in Salento 🙂 Ivan provided everything we needed. He is an expert, great at spotting lots of birds and explaining their characteristics nicely Listening to the birds singing, watching various endemic birds with binoculars (which is very exciting) , walking in the nature reserve in a relaxed way... I really enjoyed all the moments of tour️ I would recommend this to everyone who loves the nature Thank you very much, see you again!
I had a great experience with my guide Ivan. He did not above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable and excited. He waited at my hostal before sunrise to make me feel safe. He brought water and snacks so we all had something before breakfast. The breakfast place on the side of the street is local and authentic. The coffee farm of his choice has a 5-star review. Ivan also customized the tour to give me more time for birding while others visited a coffee farm. I would bird with Ivan again the next time I visit Salento
Our favourite part of the trip was this tour! We absolutely loved our time birding with Ivan. We saw over 41 species of birds! We also got to see tons of butterflies, amazing trees, cows, and lots of other special things. The waterfall was beautiful and it felt so special to have such a kind and attentive guide. Ivan was incredible at spotting and identifying birds, it’s his superpower. The tour was a nice pace, we saw 3 different kinds of landscapes and thus a wide variety of birds. We had a scheduling conflict on our first day (I had a bad fever, if you’re a foreigner considering not drinking the tap water in Salento) and Ivan was super understanding and flexible with allowing us to reschedule. I think if you are a nature lover and excited about seeing different bird species with a trustworthy guide this is the tour for you!
It was a very good trip and it was very impressive. The bird watching team has different bird watching routes and many years of bird watching experience. They are very familiar with all kinds of birds encountered along the way and can identify the types and different calls of birds. Voice. I participated in three activities and took three different routes. There are different scenery along the way, and the natural scenery is also very beautiful and impressive. Whether it is sunny, cloudy, or rainy, there are different wonderful things, plus seeing the beautiful birds in the forest, like jumping elves, is a very rare experience. Néstor knows everything about birds in the Andes. He deeply loves this forest and dedicates a lot of his time and emotion to nature, which I admire very much. Full score recommendation!
Tourist y guía parado en frente de la vista de palmas
Highly Recommended Tour Company - Ivan created a fantastic birding experience for us. His knowledge of native species of both birds and plants alike made our morning outing with him unmatched by other tours. The fact that he also speaks English helped us gain a greater understanding of our surrounding environment. He worked hard to provide a unique experience for us and helped us located the very shy Andean Solitaire. This tour is made even better knowing that he also does research on endangered species of birds and map ranges. It's so nice to know that our tourist dollars help support research and preservation. Thanks for am amazing trip!!
Unforgettable, impressive trips. Four days itinerary, three different routes, we saw different beautiful and colorful birds, but also beautiful river valleys, amazing cloud forest, Palma de cera trees. All kinds of interesting animals, beautiful flowers. We felt the beauty of Colombia and fell in love with this country. The tour guide Néstor is very professional and enthusiastic. He also taught me a lot about birds and environmental protection during the trip, as well as the concept of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. These thoughts moved me. Thank you. I give full marks to this trip and recommend it
Incredible experience - I have been living outside of Colombia for many years and having Nestor as a guide made me reconnect with our history, fauna and flora. An unforgettable experience and full of much learning! We visited 'La Carbonera' and Las Cascadas de Santa Rita, two 100% recommended experiences!
Turistas en frente de la cascada de Santa Rita
Dos personas pajareando en el campo
Magnificent tour - This was the most beautiful and amazing experience, birdwatching experience here is so worth it, you can find a diversity of bird life and stunning views, other animals that I have never seen in their habitat. The beautiful mountains and one of the best parts of the tour, was the excellent service, knowledge and fun of the guide, if you go with Nestor, you will have a qualify one to help you to identify species and places.
Fantastic endemic bird tour with amazing guides in a stunning location - Nestor and Ivan (our guides) were both friendly and professional, easy to get along with and knowledgeable about the local ecosystem. We were two people on this tour, me, a novice birder, and my friend, who has eleven years of experience working in the field: they managed to make the tour both accessible to me and interesting to my friend. We saw some crazy birds and planted some wax palm trees as a little act of environmental contribution.
Turistas y guia pajareando
Happy birdwatcher crossing a river
I had an excellent experience with Avistando Aves Andinas visiting new places around Salento to see and hear the different bird species in this region. I saw a lot of new species including Cauca Guan and Andean Cock of the Rock. They also took me to a great spot where I was able to see and photograph the Torrent Duck which was one of my target species for this trip.

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