Endemic Birds Tour

Santa Rita is a nature reserve just outside Salento filled with waterfalls, forests, and a great variety of bird species. It used to be a traditional dairy farm but now it’s in the process of sustainable transformation. Santa Rita is the ideal place to observe target species from the Colombian Andes such as Andean Cock-of-the-Rock (Rupicola peruvianus), Cauca Guan (Penelope perspicax) and Multicoloured Tanager (Chlorochrysa nitidissima).

On this tour, we’ll start on the banks of the Quindío River. The fast-flowing waters attract species such as Torrent Duck (Merganeta armata) and White-capped Dipper (Cinclus leucocephalus). As we walk along the riverside we’ll reach the open fields and farmlands where we might spot Southern Emerald Toucanet (Aulacorhychus albivitta), Bay-headed Tanager (Tangara gyrola), and Blue-headed Parrot (Pionus menstruus). We’ll stop for breakfast at the traditional farmhouse before exploring the cloud forests, waterfalls, tunnels and caves further inside the reserve. 

With a mix of ecosystems and landscapes, you’ll have the opportunity to see a range of bird species and enjoy the beauty of the reserve at the same time. This tour is suitable for beginner birdwatchers or anyone interested in our local nature, but it’s also a great spot for more experienced birders who want to seek out some endemic and rare species.

Piranga leucoptera - Piranga Aliblanca

Target Species:

Dryocopus lineatus perchado en el punto de un árbol
Group size Price per person (COP) Total Price (COP)
1 $600,000 $600,000
2 $425,000 $850,000
3 $340,000 $1,020,000
4 $275,000 $1,100,000
5 $240,000 $1,200,000
6 $220,000 $1,320,000

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  • Vortex Binoculars (8×42 or 10×42)
  • Breakfast, fruit, snacks, and drinks
  • Tour guide
  • Transport
  • Nature reserve entrance fee
  • Insurance
  • Bird Species Checklist
  • Sun protection
  • Waterproof coat
  • Suitable shoes for rain/mud
  • Insect repellent
  • Dark coloured clothes if possible

This tour starts and finishes in Salento, Quindío.

There is a direct bus from Medellin to Salento twice per day. Other buses arrive to either Pereira or Armenia and both cities have regular buses to and from Salento which take about one hour.

Flights arrive to Pereira from major cities around Colombia.

If you prefer to reserve private transport from either city, let us know when you make your reservation and we can organise it for you. 

If you have any doubts or questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!

*If arriving by public transport we recommend arriving in Salento by at least the evening before the tour to ensure arrival before the early start time.

Jeanne L (Tripadvisor)

We had a wonderful experience! Ivan was a great guide – very friendly, astute at finding birds and making sure everyone in our group got to see them, and had fantastic English. Our group was a mix of folks who have lived in Colombia for a long time and those for whom this was a first trip, and we all thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Beautiful, relaxing setting and a great variety of birds!

Rebecca B (Tripadvisor)

One of my favorite experiences on our trip to the coffee region! We had a wonderful morning in Santa Rita with John, who helped two beginners see nearly 80 species. He knew the answer to every question I could think of, about the specific species as well as the ecology of the area — and lots more I would have never thought to ask about! He was also great company for a half-day excursion. The hike itself was also enjoyable and we took a quick dip in the waterfall. The team that puts together this tour is very active in conservation efforts and their enthusiasm is infectious. Highly recommended!

Rhiannon O (Tripadvisor)

It was an amazing tour, Ivan is so knowledgeable, supportive and helpful. A lovely walk and lots of beautiful birds to see and learn about.

J Mondragon (Tripadvisor)

It’s a great tour for birdwatching, the trail has a mediums slope but it worth it in order to watch many species, including targets as Andean cock-of-the-rocks endemic tanagers and other colorful birds, just as they promise.

Colin A (Tripadvisor)

Nestor and Ivan (our guides) were both friendly and professional, easy to get along with and knowledgeable about the local ecosystem. We were two people on this tour, me, a novice birder, and my friend, who has eleven years of experience working in the field: they managed to make the tour both accessible to me and interesting to my friend. We saw some crazy birds and planted some wax palm trees as a little act of environmental contribution.

Helene Dötsch (Google Review)

Very nice experience! You’ll see rare birds and animals and walk through beautiful landscape. Ernesto is very savvy. 100% recommended

How fit or skilled do I need to be?

This tour is suitable for a range of abilities and skill-levels. If you are a beginner to birdwatching our guides will be on hand to help you make the most of it.

What’s the weather like? 

The weather in Salento is known for being mild with an average temperature of around 20ºC, it can be changeable however, and we recommend preparing for both sun and rain.

How are the tours priced? 

The prices of all of our experiences are calculated to ensure good value to our customers as well as a fair wage to staff. We value the knowledge and experience of our guides and local partners and ensure that we support our community.

The cost of a tour varies depending on group size especially when costs such as transport are included.

Due to the costs of receiving international payments our prices may be slightly higher in other currencies, they may also vary over time due to fluctuations in the exchange rate. If you prefer to pay in Colombian Pesos please let us know.

Is the tour suitable for children? 

This tour is suitable for children from age ten and up as it involves a walk.

What language will the tour be in? 

This experience is currently available in both English and Spanish.